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Winners 2021 - Press Release


Australian Fashion Film Awards, Melbourne, Australia

March 1, 2021

For immediate release.

Winners of The Australian Fashion Film Awards 2021 Announced: Even Global Pandemic Can’t Stop Creativity

Winners of the Australian Fashion Film Awards prove that fashion film is a formidable communication agent on societal issues including social distancing, ageism and fashion statements.

Australian films ranked highly amongst judges, with three winning films being directed by local talent. Australian Directors Deena Lynch, Murry Enders and Simon Morehead won their respective categories, Best Concept, Interflora People’s Choice Awards and with Morehead’s film Led By None for General Pants taking out the coveted Best Australian Fashion Film prize. Simon Morehead is an internationally renowned director, commissioned to work for top brands, including Cartier, and working with high profile celebrities including Rita Ora, and has been a winner of Australian Fashion Film Awards in past years. Deena Lynch’s film for Christian Louboutin was celebrated by the top fashion editors upon its release.

‘Led By None’ crowned as Best Australian Fashion Film. Directed by multi-award winner Simon Moorehead for General pants, the work explores the other side of the current generation - strong awareness of self, a drive for change and the confidence to explore.

USA Film Blue Cosette, whose director Andrew Le Pera died suddenly during the production of the film took out 3 of the categories. Best Director, Best International and Best Independent Fashion Film.

Blu Cosette’ took out three awards including for Best Director (posthumously), Best Independent Fashion Film and Best International Fashion Film. Directed by Andrew Le Pera and Ise White (USA)

2020 was a big and complex year in fashion filmmaking worldwide. The Australian Fashion Film Awards is once again shining a spotlight on the creative force within the industry, announcing their 2021 winners. The official selection features high calibre Australian-produced films for international giants such a Christian Louboutin and Cartier and local cult retailer General Pants. International films hail from Spain, Italy, the US, South Africa, Germany, Singapore, Russia and Brazil. The film’s star global and local talent, including entertainer Rita Ora, model Jessica Gomes, Gemma Ward, and German tennis pro Alexander Zverev.

’COSMOS’ (Spain) wins an award for Best Makeup in a fashion film. Directed by La Sister, Make-Up by Jose Luis Blasco

High profile international judges selected the creme de la creme of these worthy films to take out the award categories.

Since its conception in 2015, the Australian Fashion Film Awards has been an influential voice in recognising the fashion film genre's power as a vibrant communication medium and unique business marketing tool.

’Behind The Curtain’ is a voyeuristic look into the backstage of the fashion week action. Shot in seemingly one take, the film takes out an award for Best Hair styling. Directed by La Sister (Spain)

Judge, and former Vice President for Marketing and External Relations at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York Cynthia Round says:

“The global pandemic has not hampered creativity, based on the inventiveness and diversity of this year’s fashion films from both familiar and new voices, including student film-makers. Bravo!”

For the first time, this year's awards were held in digital format. They sought to commend excellence and creativity behind fashion films born in the global pandemic's unprecedented and challenging times. The works engage with relevant societal concerns and reinforce fashion and film's power as an avenue of communication.

AFFA’s Creative Director, Anastasia Fai, says: “We have been blown away by the quality and standard of this year’s film submissions. Independent films are on equal footing with commercially produced ones. Seeing directors who previously won for their independent works now creating films for international brands like Cartier further illustrates that the AFFA platform creates fantastic opportunities for the creative talent in Australia.”

“The End of Social Distancing” was directed by V​ictor Claramunt of Spain and won the award for Best Concept.

From sustainability to generational ageism, a wide range of films has been recognised for their power as a communication agent in conveying important stories via film. Judge, Roger Gingerich, CEO of Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFFF) says “I loved The End Of Social Distancing as Claramunt expressed in a few minutes what we're all feeling”. This Spanish film and Australian Deena Lynch x Christian Louboutin’s Concept Film for AW20 Cube Collection were both awarded Best Concept.

After a tumultuous 2020 that often impeded the ability of socially conscious endeavours to reach their maximum potential, these awards intend to champion individuals who illuminate various deserving issues whilst simultaneously platforming fashion and underscoring its influence as a method of communication. Roger’s says: “congrats to all the nominees for their outstanding creativity and to AFFA 2021 for an incredible curation of fashion films from around the world.”

The digital awards took place on the 1st of March 2021 and rewarded local and international talent for their contributions to fashion and storytelling. Winners have been announced via

“The It Bag” (United States) features an amusing narration by Vogue US Editor-at-large, Hamish Bowles and takes us on a fun history class of the origin of the ‘It’ bags. Directed by Andrew Myers it took out the Best Visual Effects award.


At the awards ceremony, the following winners were recognised and awarded:

Best Australian Fashion Film: ‘Led By None' (Australia), directed by Simon Morehead for General Pants

Best Director: ‘Blu Cosette’ (United States), directed by Andrew Le Pera and Ise White

Best Concept (two winners): International - The End Of Social Distancing’ (Spain), directed by Victor Claramunt

Australian ‘Deena Lynch x Christian Louboutin’ (Concept Film for AW20 Cube Collection) (Australia), directed by Deena Lynch

Best Styling: ‘The Herder’ (South Africa), directed by Will Venter. Styling by Kate Pipkin

Best Hair: Behind The Curtain (United Kingdom), directed by Giacomo Boeri & Matteo Grimaldi

Best Makeup: COSMOS (Spain), directed by La Sister, Make-up by Jose Luis Blasco

Best Sound Design or Music: ‘Rendez-Vous’ (Italy), directed by Giacomo Boeri and Matteo Grimaldi for Christian Louboutin, sound design by Matteo Cataldo, Simone Marangi, Luca Tosetto

Best Visual Effects or Editing: ‘The It Bag (United States), directed by Andrew Myers for Vogue US, effects by Sam Stulin.

Best Independent Fashion Film (independent, non-commissioned work): ‘Blu Cosette' (United States), directed by Andrew Le Pera and Ise White

Best International Fashion Film: ‘Blu Cosette” (United States), directed by Andrew Le Pera and Ise White

Interflora People’s Choice (International Film): ‘Praesidium(Spain), directed by Alejandro D Lomas

Interflora People’s Choice (Australian Film): '100.K Zone: Unlimited' (Australia), directed by Murry Enders for TalaMade


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