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February 20, 2016

Melbourne played host to the 2016 Australian Fashion Film Awards on December 12, 2016. The Venetian Carnivale themed event was held at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). 200 filmmakers, VIP’s and industry guests adorned beautifully-crafted masks and gathered to celebrate successes of independent and commercial creatives in the fashion film industry. The exclusive event would not have been made possible without the support of AFFA’s Partners. Guests enjoyed free-flowing Pommery Champagne, captured memories in the Outwest mobile photobooth and munched on custom made cupcakes from Cupcake Central. AFFA’s amazing Partners for the 2016 Red Carpet and Awards Ceremony include:


The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is centred in the heart of Melbourne – The infamous Federation Square. It’s a facility for the preservation, exhibition and promotion of Victorian, Australian and International screen content and an iconic Melbourne tourist attraction.

Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors is an infamous British luxury and high performance car brand. Drive fast and look sleek in grandeur and lavishness.


Belvedere is a world renowned brand of Polish rye vodka. This luxury liquor is the fun you need to spice up any event.

From Left: James Nolen (ACMI Film Programmer), Bentley Display, Belvedere Display

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is an iconic designer fashion magazine. Catch up with all the hottest and latest news on runways, beauty, fashion and people.


Turn back in time with Polaroid. Polaroid is all about instant film, for picture perfect memories. A brand that allows consumers to embrace old technology through new technology. One lucky People’s Choice Awards Voter received the Poleroid camera prize.


Jurlique is an Australian cosmetic and skincare brand. A renowned name that sources natural and organic ingredients to provide consumers the best of the best. TV personality Pettifluer Berenger from Real Housewives of Melbourne received the best-dressed prize from Jurlique.

From Left: Harper’s Bazaar Gift Bags, Polaroid Door Prize, Jurlique goodies

Champagne Pommery

No party would be complete without some quality French champagne. ‘Pommery stands for delicacy and vivacity, heart and spirit, a style made of finesse whose musical score highlights the elegance of aromas before their power.’


OPI is a world renowned iconic nail care and nail polish brand. An industry leader in nail care, OPI has been in operation since 1981. With OPI, you will have fresh nails all year round.


Coconut water is all the rage from delicious smoothies to colourful acai bowls. H2Coco offers coconut water from all different flavours to cater to different taste buds. A perfect summer treat.

From Left: Champagne Pommery Display, OPI Gift inclusion, H2Coco Water Gifts

Cupcake Central

Cupcake Central is a Melbourne based business that was started up by entrepreneur Sheryl Thai and has since blown up. With intricate designs and buttery textures, Cupcake Central is a must visit if you are ever visiting Melbourne!

Fleur Events

Fleur Events is a florist styling business that caters to events and weddings, offering intricate and beautifully designed arrangements. A definite service that will make your guests stand in awe.


Nobody likes chapped lips. Carmex creates nourishing formulas to achieve pouty soft lips. With an array of lip care ranges, Carmex caters to different textures of lips and not to mention all the amazing flavours.

From Left: Personalised Cupcake Central Display, Anna Heinrich and Fleur Events, Carmex goodies

C-Lab and Co

Our AFFA Guests were lucky enough to be gifted body scrubs by C-Lab & Co. C-Lab & Co provides coffee scrubs, treating skin with the power of the arabica bean. Their original coffee scrub released in 2016 has won Best in Beauty so you know it’s good. Hollywood celebrities, social media influencers and bloggers are getting on it, so you best follow suit for gorgeous glowing skin all year round.

Artseries Hotel Group

The Artseries Hotel Group is a series of boutique art-themed hotels in Australia. Each hotel works with amazing artists that creates special designs inspired by their own personalities.

Coffee Caboose

Coffee Caboose provides mobile coffee in Melbourne with specialty tea, coffee, espresso martinis, pastries and more. Hire a cart today to make your event stand out from all the rest.

From Left: C Lab & Co, Art Series Hotel, Coffee Caboose Display

Natalie Anne Hair

Natalie Anne is a talented hairdresser based in the outskirts of Sydney. She has built an empire that is now blowing up on social media with a following of 36k.

From Left: Hair on MUA Jenny Do, Natalie Anne with AFFA Judge Max May, Hair on Sydney Fashion Blogger

Lombard The Paper People

No party is complete without the finishing touches of decor. Lombard The Paper People provides novelties such as balloons, pinatas and tableware for special occasions. Not only are decorations aesthetically pleasing, Lombard as a business are very environmentally aware. So, conscientious shoppers, happy shopping!

Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal provides intricate crystal glassware. A touch of luxury for your home and a perfect gift for a loved one.

Home Juice

Be healthy AND trendy with Home Juice. Home Juice provides cold pressed juices and healing Alkaline waters that are healthy and yummy. If you don’t know where kickstart your journey to a happy and healthier you, start with Home Juice.

From Left: Pettifleur Berenger with Lombard the Paper People, Waterford Crystal VIP Gifts, Home Juice

Cristina Re

Cristina Re is an Australian designer who creates luxury teaware and stationery that are ‘both feminine and beautiful and designed to make you feel good’. Cristina Re brings class and spice to your everyday life.


We have all heard the phrase ‘Beauty is pain’ but Foot Petals ensures that you are able to wear any type of heel with foot accessories to cushion and support feet in beautiful shoes.

Briese Botanicals

Briese Botanicals is an Australian skincare brand that harvests the land to bring quality skincare to consumers. Briese Botanicals supports Indigenous charities and local farmers as a way of giving back. Socialite Sarah Williamson won the Briese Botanical gift pack for best-dressed.

From Left: Cristina Re Gift, AFFA Foot Petals Post, Briese Botanical Gift

The Lyall Hotel and Spa

The Lyall Hotel and Spa is a 5-star luxury hotel located in the heart of the city – South Yarra. The hotel is also renowned in its spa service, providing expertise in therapeutic and beauty treatments.


Karora is an award-winning skinwear collection creating tanning formulas for those who want to achieve a sun-kissed look without the damage of the UV rays.

Jenica Hair

For long luxurious Victoria’s Secret locks, Jenica Hair provides clip in extensions catered to all different colour hair.

From Left: The Lyall Hotel and Spa, Karora Cosmetics, Anastasia Fai wearing Jenica Hair Extensions

Vitis Botanica

Vitis Botanica is a non-alcoholic wine made from handpicked merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes. A refreshing beverage perfect to entertain your guests or a lazy Sunday at home.

Robb Report

Robb Report is a luxury magazine showcasing opulent lifestyles including features on automobiles, real estate, aviation and watches.

Designer Dress Hire Australia

Want to look beautiful without the lengthy price tag? Hire a designer outfit with Natalie Fullard. Brands include from Gucci, Balmain and Alexander Mcqueen.

From Left: Vitis Botanica Display, Robb Report, AFFA Team styled by Designer Dress Hire Australia

Outwest Photobooths

Photobooths are the extra touch you need to make a party fun, entertaining and extraordinary. Outwest Photobooths provides four different booths for you to pick that best suits you.

Styling with Helen

Fashion is all about image and expression. Helen is a personal stylist that helps you find yourself in the clothes that you wear, what fits you best and what the garments that you wear say about you.


LUXit is every beauty lover’s dream app. Mobile beauty that provides makeup and spray tan applications at the touch of a button.

From Left: AFFA Guests enjoying the OutWest Photobooths, Styling with Helen, LuxIt mobile beauty

Custom printed bags and boxes

Custom printed bags and boxes understands your needs and requirements for custom made boxes and bags for corporate, event, promotional or product packaging.

By Land and Sea

By Land and Sea is where art meets fashion. It is a designer brand that incorporates beautiful art into high-quality bags. All products are 100% Australian made with globally sourced products with unique designs. Melbourne’s iconic couture designer Jason Gretch was the lucky recipient of the best-dressed award from By Land and Sea.

Bamboo Monkey

Bamboo Monkey sells socks – an everyday necessity. They are for ethical shoppers, creating a ‘sober’ approach to fashion to promote awareness and conscious thinking into what people stand for by buying the products that they buy.

From Left: Custom Print Boxes and Bags chocolate boxes, Jason Grech with By Land and Sea gift, Bamboo Monkey socks


Milkman is a facial hair company offering grooming products for men. They aspire to be the greatest facial hair company of all time.


Paper-Park is a premier paper packaging company that provides custom carry bags, gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue and bottle bags for brands; customised to your every need.

Kerr Events

Kerr Events is a Melbourne based business with an eye for events and weddings. Check them out to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

From Left: Milkman Products, Paper Pak Bags, Kerr Events

STAR Chauffeurs

Melbourne STAR Chauffeurs are a luxury car service providing airport, concert transfers and corporate and wedding car hires.

Besser and Co

Besser and Co. are a team of Real Estate Agents and Property Managers that deliver exceptional results when selling or leasing a property for the highest price possible.

From Left: Star Chauffeurs, Besser and Co Media Wall


Quetzal Guerrero is a Latin Soul Singer with an amazing set of vocals and an eye for musical instruments. With an impressive set of albums, put in a CD and there you have it, a great conversation starter.

Les Gyori

With magical fingers when laid upon a violin, Les Gyori creates classical and jazz music. He plays solo and with his band Vlesg.

From Left: QLVN, Les Gyori

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