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With consumers seeing and hearing more than 4000 ads per day, the modern day marketer’s dilemma is to create engaging marketing content. Fashion film is the fastest growing film genre with more and more brands engaging film as a new vehicle to reach audiences and create an inspiring brand story. Film not only offers a narrative similar to literature, it also provides an audio-visual feast for the senses, and in the quick-fix, fast-paced, social media whirl of the twenty-first century, fashion film is a fresh approach to traditional marketing communication. When we sit down to watch a film, the sensual experience – sight and sound – is familiar, but the cerebral one, the story itself, can take us anywhere. In this sense, film is both an old friend and a new adventure. Fashion film in not only relevant to fashion brands, but any brand that speaks to a style conscious audience.

Join us for a champagne breakfast and a panel discussion from industry experts and award-winning fashion film directors on current marketing trends and creative customer engagement strategies. Learn:

  • Why fashion film is the best way to engage your brand’s audience

  • What makes a good fashion film

  • How to produce a quality fashion film

  • How to market a fashion film

  • How to monetise fashion film content


  • Sarah Pike, VP Marketing and Communications, Mastercard Australasia

  • Cherie Fraser, Manager, Events Melbourne

  • Jessie Oldfield, award winning film director and co-founder of production company CKOL, producing fashion films for Adidas, Woolmark Company, Country Road, and Mimco, amongst other international brands.

  • Hosted by Australian Fashion Film Awards Creative Director – Anastasia Fai


Check VAMFF website and get your tickets here.

This event is made possible by the City of Melbourne. You don’t need to look far to discover a new experience in Melbourne. Boasting more cafes and restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world, Melbourne is a foodie’s paradise. Beyond your plate, there are ample opportunities to shop both local and international brands, explore impressive galleries, see blockbuster shows, cheer at sporting events and explore the world-renown street art scene in its laneways and beyond.

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